Second Amendment

As a proud, card-carrying member of the NRA, I am and will continue to be, a strong defender of the Second Amendment rights afforded to us in the United States Constitution. While in the Ohio Senate, I co-sponsored the Castle Doctrine, was a co-sponsor of Ohio’s concealed carry law, and supported educational programs about the use of firearms, marksmanship, and safety.

As a Member of Congress, I have supported Second Amendment rights by voting for and co-sponsoring legislation to allow for reciprocity across state lines for concealed carry, co-sponsoring legislation to prohibit the Army Corps of Engineers from banning firearms on water resources lands, and co-sponsoring legislation to allow collectible firearms to be imported into the U.S. without the approval of the Department of State or the Department of Defense.

I will continue to stand up for our Second Amendment rights because I believe the answer to curbing violence in our society is not to take away the rights of law-abiding gun owners, but to enforce and prosecute those who violate existing laws, improve mental health services, and have a comprehensive plan to fight terrorism both overseas and at home.

Our Constitution clearly outlines the right of Americans to bear arms. Add your name below in support of our Second Amendment Rights.