As our country continues to rebound from the impacts of the coronavirus pandemic, I know that many Ohioans are struggling to find a job. Getting Americans back to work must be the number one priority, and to do so, we must get our companies and small businesses open and engaged in the fight to create jobs.

Businesses need to safely reopen, and, moving forward, they need to be provided with more certainty on taxes, regulation, healthcare costs, and energy costs. It is also important to get people trained for the jobs of tomorrow by linking unemployment benefits to workforce development training today.

I will continue to stand up for our small businesses, work to put a stop to out-of-control spending, and help create incentives for investment and job creation here at home as we recover from this unprecedented event and beyond.

Government will not create the jobs of the future; the private sector will. We need government to encourage hard work and innovation – not crush it. Add your name below in support of policies that encourage entrepreneurs to take risks, create jobs, and invest in their businesses.