Balanced Budget

With the national debt topping $26 trillion and growing, America must enact a Balanced Budget Amendment (BBA) to the United States Constitution.

I have introduced a Balanced Budget Amendment in the United States Congress to force tough decisions to be made in Washington. I believe it is the only way to prevent an undue financial burden on the next generation of Americans and to ensure a strong national defense because our country would no longer be beholden to countries from which we have borrowed.

I have also supported and continue to support the dozens of states, like Ohio, that have called for a limited, Article V Constitutional Convention for the sole purpose of a Balanced Budget Amendment. Whether it begins with Congress or with the states, we must act now to stop the federal government from continuing to pile mountains of debt on the backs of our children.


Every day, Americans live within their means and balance their family budgets. If you believe that the federal government should do the same and a Balanced Budget Amendment is important, add your name here: